6 makeup hair tips monsoon season

The pretty season of monsoon is here now, and I believe that you men are all started enjoy this year. But , as we both know, every time of year has its own benefits and drawbacks. And when all of us talk about wet, it’s about maintaining the look in this greasy period. So , to assist you guys away, we have outlined some makeup and hair methods for the monsoon season that may help you get a perfect look.

1. Use face powder instead of foundation

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Always remember the golden splendor rule, unless you wish to screw up with your makeup appear this monsoon season. The building blocks washes removed from your skin and also leaves stains. Therefore , it is recommended that rather than foundation, make use of face powder as a foundation. It is thought that face powder maintains your make-up flawless and prevents greasiness.

2. Prevent liquid eyeliners

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Liquid liners are perfect but , throughout the monsoons, they will start to smudge and disappear quickly following coming in contact with water. So , it is strongly recommended that you should choose cream and gel eyeliners during this time.

3. Make use of water-based lotions

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High seasons are not the sole season when you really need to apply skin lotions. It is essential that you keep the skin moisturized during the wet too. It really is believed that water-based lotions keep your skin hydrated and in addition prevent this from obtaining oily.

4. Use soft colored eyeshadows

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It truly is advised that you need to avoid metal and dark eyeshadow particularly the smokey eye as it can get worse your look. Choose neutral tones or nudes, browns and pinks because they are a more secure option. As well as the best thing regarding these shades is they don’t resemble a beauty error when dissolved.

5. Stay away from too many hair styling items

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Avoid too many hair styling goods like gel, creams or perhaps spray on your mane as it may affect the organic texture of the hair. Rather, it is suggested that you ought to apply oil to your hair on a regular basis. Trying to wash the hair two times a week of course, if your hair gets damp in the rain then, have a warm head bath.

6. Keep your hair simple

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Ladies, it’s the best advice that you could get. Never keep your hair open through the rains as it could make your hair dry and frizzy. You can test making buns and ponytails to keep your hair in place.

Therefore , these were the few cosmetic and hair tips for the monsoon time of year that you should bear in mind.

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Disha More