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beauty updater aims to make easy way for face beauty whether you are a teen age, a houses wife or a mommy with a toddler we have more ideas of beauty for you

beauty updater is the site of choice for the latest updates, resources, and tips in beauty, health and wellness, and all topics that matter the most to the beauty of women and teen (girls) of today. Whether it is advice from a trusted expert.

our next target to add some for topic beside beauty like Health & Wellness and make to site grow but our main focus on our fresh approach and well-researched, informative, and reliable content, our intend to inspire and equip women around the world to lead happier lives.

Beauty updater is your among the best solution to all or any those issues which you run into and sometimes get difficult to cope with in your entire day to day existence. From raising your splendor quotient to causing you to an artist in your kitchen, we generate beautiful content material to facilitate our visitors with some amazing little bit of information.

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Disha More : Disha More is a skin care article writer, covering beauty fundamentals, serious dermatological problems, brand launches and upcoming trends. The girl earned her level in Biotechnology coming from JNTU, besides going after ‘Advanced Program in Medical Research & Management’ from Clini India. Disha also finished a certification program in ‘Dermatology: Visit to Skin’ authorized simply by Novosibirsk State University or college, Russia. When she actually is not writing about skincare, she can be noticed doodling or getting up with friends.

Riya Rathi :Riya rathi is Makeup expert and she is dermatologist. riya also complete some makeup courses riya is 25 year old and she passion is makeup regarding topic. she worked in many beauty paler and riya have 4 year experience regarding makeup. she content is so much useful

Swati Varma :swati varma is hair specialist and she is very interested regarding hair topic she have more experience about hair therapy.