How to detangle your curly hair -Causes of hair tangling

Are you experiencing curly hair? Don’t you get tensed after every hair wash or perhaps everyday each morning when it is you a chance to detangle all of them. What do you believe at these types of moments? Ohh, the hair battle starts. Yes this is actually the daily existence problem with every single female that is having lengthy hair specifically who has curly hair. The hair products used on the hair to create up options the main reason from the tangling of hair and formation of knots inside the hair strands. Don’t worry we now have come here with assorted solutions simple detangling of hair damaging them. Maintain patience and scroll right down to read the prevention tips.

Causes of hair tangling

How to detangle your curly hair -Causes of hair tangling

Damaged or perhaps opened up ceases of the cuticles can cause tangling of hair. When two strands of hair obtain intertwined simply by wrapping about each other this causes development of the hair knot. Development of multiple hair knots causes the tangling of hair. Smooth and clean hair are certainly not prone to the hair troubles but curly hair or perhaps damaged hair are most severe hit. Slide down to learn about the major elements which can lead to hair tangling:

  • Break up ends
  • Warmth styling
  • Blowing wind blowing throughout your hair (natural wind or perhaps hair dryer)
  • Harsh hair care products
  • Massaging hair too hard whilst shampooing
  • Massaging hair having a towel
  • More than brushing
  • Not really brushing hair daily
  • Going to bed with your hair down

Tricks to detangle the hair

1. Make use of conditioner

Using moisturizing hair product on the hair is the most important tips for the great hair treatment. The soft qualities and smoothness of the refresher also helps reduce the detangling of hair. Never apply conditioner around the scalp yet spread it all on the hair strands in downward path. Apply it 1 inch away from scalp. Let it stay for 5 minutes, detangle your hair and then wash your hair with simple water.

2. Use detangling spray

Buying detangling hair apply is surely well worth spending the cash. It helps in reduction in the tension between hair even though detangling. Detangling sprays can be utilized on the two damp and dry hair. Rinsing from the spray is usually not required. Shea butter may be the major component of apply which softens your hair so to make detangling convenient.

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3. Apply water

Dampness can make ease the detangling. Wetness helps in eliminating the troubles without severe pulling. Fill up water in spray container and aerosol some water in your hair before beginning combing these people. Comb the hair softly and see the results.

4. Use wide- toothed brush

Use wide toothed combs on your own hair. Large toothed clean or brush is always food on the hair. Detangling of hair is extremely easy by using these spines and remember to brush. Additionally working with wide toothed brush gives volume on your hair.

5. Use the fingertips

Prior to reaching out to the brushes or perhaps combs initial try to make sections of the hair with all the fingers. By no means try to detangle your whole hair in one go. 1st divide all of them in areas to avoid the organization of multiple hair knots then comb or hair comb them.

6. Apply hair mask

Dry hairs are the main cause of hair tangling. Apply hair face masks to make your hair soft and also to nourish these people. Hair goggles provide the immediate hydration to hair which usually keep them smooth for very long time.

7. Therapeutic massage hair with oil

Apply oil and massage therapy your hair on standard intervals. Oiling nourishes the hair and also removes the dryness of hair and scalp, Water balance is required for healthful hair. Smooth and hydrated hair are super easy to be detangled.

Extra tips


  • Practice cleaning your hair before cleaning them in case your hair takes tangled very easily.
  • Use a lower amount of shampoo within the hair strands as compared to the scalp.
  • Make braids while preferred hair styles to keep hair in position and prevent tangles
  • Cut your hair every 4 to 6 weeks to get rid of split draws to a close which provide dry appear.


  • Under no circumstances rub the hair using a towel, rather use a smooth cotton jacket to dry your hair in order to avoid twisted hair.
  • Make a gentle hair before going to bed. Never rest open hair.
  • Avoid heating system appliances upon hair because they lead to harm. Hair destruction obviously triggers more troubles.
Written by
Disha More