keratin vs cysteine hair straightening

We can say that girls having curly hair looking to treat these curl although curly curls are actually a matter of pride. If you plan to align the curl, we are presently there to help. Simply no, we are not telling the solution is within a flat iron because styling lasts before the next clean. To achieve durable straightening, ladies need to select from Cysteine hair treatment   or perhaps Keratin treatment . Thinking what we will be talking about? Continue reading to know regarding the difference between two strategies.

Cysteine styling treatment

The  Cysteine treatment for aligning hair is completed by using nonessential amino acids that result from keratin to excercise your hair. In this treatment, if you have extremely tight curl, the component relaxes the hair without needing additives including formaldehyde.

Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid which happens in keratin and many other protein. When utilized for hair aligning treatments, cysteine is considered to be more secure and inexpensive than the classic keratin treatment. Cysteine smoothing treatment functions slowly, calming the hair’s curl. It can this without resorting to harmful chemicals such as chemical.

The cysteine hair treatment solution is made up of 4 very basic actions. First, the hair must be shampooed applying cysteine smoothing shampoo. Second, use the proteins leave-in refresher, followed by a hair fixing protein and cysteine smoothing treatments. In this way sleeker, softer hair with less harm.

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How exactly does it function?

The cysteine hair treatments are perfect people who have uncontrollable and frizzy hair since it strengthens the hair roots. In the treatment, the styling is done normally without searching obvious. However it is a  semi-permanent treatment that lasts for 3 months.


Process of the Cysteine treatment is usually not not the same as Keratin treatment.

  • Initial, hair is definitely washed and dried to get ready for the therapy. Clean hair is required intended for better transmission of cysteine.
  • After blow-drying and washing, the Cysteine complex is utilized on the hair, taking a little section of this, so the hair is subjected to the cysteine complex.
  • The product is permitted to remain on hair for around forty-five minutes.
  • The next step is to blow dry and ironing the hair to have a smooth look.
  • Then your hair can be rinsed.

It is recommended to apply a sulfate-free hair shampoo after the treatment.

Why Cysteine is a better option than Keratin?

Cysteine is recognized as a better choice than keratin because:

  • This method does not require the usage of formaldehyde and any other alternatives of chemical that produces harmful gases during the treatment
  • The treatment does not necessarily alter the hair structure completely.
  • It remains there for any limited period unlike the Keratin treatment

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Precisely what is the keratin straightening treatment?

With this particular treatment, the hair stylist might apply keratin by imparting into the hair through creams and employing hot  smooth iron to soak up keratin in your hair . It takes about 90 moments depending on the general length of the hair.

Keratin the kind of protein that develops naturally in hair. Throughout the keratin hair straightening remedies, several items such as Brazilian keratin treatment, and some other salon items are used for curly and clean wavy seals. The heat from the flat iron seals the hair. The process takes about 90 mins and more  depending on the duration of hair.

There are numerous perks of using the keratin hair styling method. Besides this treatment smooth hair, but it also gets rid of frizz. The results in the treatment may last a couple of months, but could possibly be seen to get a longer time period by the use of sodium sulfate free of charge shampoos. A large number of salons suggest not cleaning the hair for 4 days following a treatment to provide it plenty of time to job.

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How does that work?

This treatment is quite cost-effective as compared to Cysteine and leaves the hair shiny and smooth. If you wish to move a level higher than the hair rebonding, it could be the next thing. But it might lead to health issues like  Keratin straightening   such as the use of chemical, which in the event that inhaled could possibly be rather dangerous.


Shampoo the hair

Wash the hair having a keratin shampoo or conditioner for getting free ingredient rewards. In case you have directly hair, rinse them two times; if you have curly hair, clean it once again.

Carry out massage treatment

Bath towel dry the hair softly but leave moisture therefore hair can easily absorb the products. Coat  the hair strands with keratin treatment, beginning the tips increasing. Stop at a great inch coming from scalp. Softly massage the hair with all the products.

Leave the procedure for half an hour

With all the product even now on the hair, comb the locks using a wide-tooth brush. Now, allow the treatment remain on your hair for about thirty minutes

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