step by step makeup guide

Making use of make-up is not really rocket technology and all of us can do it just like a pro whenever we set the minds to it. Almost all we have to perform, is to understand some basic guidelines and some convenient tricks.

  Makeup must be used like a tool to intensify our solid features and camouflage each of our problem areas to ensure that we look fresh and lively. The best makeup is that which usually doesn’t help to make us appear Made Up and pretend.

  There are some essential points that people should bear in mind before starting:

  • The key to great makeup great skin since good skin provides a clean and glowing base intended for makeup. And Key to using good skin is keeping it spending hydrated.
  • Much less is good especially when considering using basis, concealer and even eyeliners.
  • Applying good quality items from recognized brands offers very great results when making use of makeup.
  • Purchasing some good top quality Makeup tooth brushes is essential if you would like results just like makeup used by a professional cosmetic artist
  • Make-up for time is very not the same as makeup to get night time and must apply makeup keeping this at heart
  • Base the makeup upon accentuating just one feature each time. If you are going pertaining to heavy make-up on your eyes then keep the lips basic. And if you want be noticeable lips after that keep your eyes simple

Having cleared the fundamental things about cosmetic let’s begin with the Simple “Five Step Guide” for application of make-up. This functions for all skin types want oily, dry or mixed skins. The five actions of our guide are:

  1. Step 1- Face Preparation and application of base
  2. Stage 2- Eyebrows and eye makeup
  3. Step 3- Face shaping and Showing
  4. Stage 4-  Lip Ready and application of lip color
  5. Step 5-  The last step


To get that oh therefore dewy appearance and perfect complexion we need to prep the face and create a best base which makeup could be applied.

  Points needed for Step-1 are:

  1. Facewash
  2. Serum or perhaps moisturizer
  3. sun screen
  4. Primer
  5. Basis
  6. Concealer
  7. Small or Environment powder

We should always apply our cosmetic on a clean face. Therefore , every time you wish to accomplish makeup clean your face with a  face wash that suits the skin.

Following washing the face softly pat this dry and apply a moisturizer   or possibly a serum all around the face and neck region. Both these goods help in hydrating the skin but serums usually are more effective as they potentially have to go profound into each of our layers of skin and produce amazing results with regards to hydration.

Apply a coating of   sun screen once completed with moisturizing and ensure that you just apply it about our face smoothly and never rub it all in.

Sun screen application should be followed by application of 1er. Primers really works by making a layer of protection about our prepped skin. These types of also provide our face a smooth complete by concealing any problem areas like unequal skin firmness and good lines. Usually give adequate time for the sunscreen and moisturizers to dry in that case apply a covering of special primer.

Once base is done its about time for application of groundwork. Foundation. Base must be selected very carefully as it may make the mar your lifestyle. It must be extremely light and must slip on the skin. The color of foundation need to match the skin shade perfectly for the glowing organic looking tone.

After making use of a nice good blended coating of basis check for any kind of areas which might still need to know more coverage.   Blemishes, dark spots or perhaps under eye circles generally need more protection. To give easy finish to troublesome places apply concealer .

  Always apply concealer having a brush and incredibly lightly in support of on bothersome spots. The concealer should be a color lighter than your skin tone. In you have greasy skin complete your base application by dabs of compact or perhaps setting powder which is a perfect diamond necklace to our skin tone following foundation.


When done with resulting in the perfect foundation we must go to Step-2 including eye and eyebrow make-up.

Items needed for this task are:

  1. Eyebrow pencil
  2. Eyebrow kit
  3. Eyebrow highlighter
  4. Eye shadow primer
  5. Eye shadow kit
  6. Eye liner
  7. Eyelash curler
  8. Mascara
  9. False lashes

Eyebrows which can be thick and shapely significantly change the far we look. In the event that blessed with thick eyebrows then most we can perform is get all those beauties in form using eyebrow wax, line or tweezer.   Of course, if you have slim eyebrows you are able to accentuate all of them

For creating solid natural searching eyebrows plenty of products are actually these days obtainable in market. You may use eyebrow pencils or eyebrow kits . The eyebrow kits possess cream and also powder to darken each of our eyebrows. Then you can certainly finally make use of setting solution which will collection them and in addition make these types of smudge evidence. Once carried out darkening the eyebrows improve them simply by putting a highlighter  underneath these people. Apply the highlighter by using our index finger. When eyebrows are executed, we can begin applying cosmetic to our eyes.


Start the eye make-up by applying  eyeshadow guide to make a smooth bottom on your eyes.   Right now apply eye shadow which you have chosen which may be in cream type or powder form.

In case your eyeshadow is usually cream centered apply together with your index finger and if working with powder darkness work with the eye darkness application clean. First apply on the internal corner from the eye after which go to the outside. Once completed applying eye shadow, line the eyes with an eye liner to enhance all of them. E yeliner must be applied to upper eyelash line and also the lower eyelash line.

We are able to use Kohl pencil , liquid lining or even skin gels eyeliner .

Use an lash curler to curl the lashes and after that apply wimperntusche for that wide-eyed look.

If you would like more focus on your eyes use false Eyelashes and darker eyeshadows.


After performing eyes, we should move on to cheeks which is the logical Stage 3.

Things required in this stage are:

  1. Dull shading cream or powder
  2. Highlighter
  3. Rose
  4. Fan tooth brushes

Shaping and featuring is all about improving our face, shaping the face to trick the eye.


  To find out where to shape on your cheeks or to discover the area where you can put shaping cream, draw in your cheeks you will get the region where to place a thin type of contouring cream.   Begin for top in the hollows back to the inside and stop regarding an in . from your mouth. Once the collection is attracted blend good with your fingers or with the aid of a sponge or a clean. For shaping your nose, draw two lines from the beginning of your eyebrows to the suggestions of your nose along the link of your nose on both equally sides and then blend smoothly.

You should use both cream or powder for shaping depending on your personal preferences.

Also use a contouring cream or powder that is only one shade more dark than the skin build. It is very important to keep  each of our face form   in mind even though contouring and work appropriately.


Highlighting is important when you are shaping but we have to not over do it. Somewhat on the cheekbones, brow bones, middle of chin and just 1 bit around the tip of the nose.

Highlighter should meet the color of your skin and really should have a bit shine. Highlighters just like additional products can maintain liquid type or powder form. Liquid highlighters function really well as they looks even more natural and they are easy to apply. In case you try some fine powder highlighter then usually apply it utilizing a fan clean. These brushes possess few brush bristles and are soft and their condition also allows us to really control the application of highlighter.


Blush is a crucial part of cosmetic and a little bit of rouge or perhaps blush immediately adds vibrancy and color to our appearance. It gives us an energetic, rosy fresh look. Simply no overdoing it may be the key. Cream blushes has to be applied by making use of our convenience while powder ones through nice comfortable brushes.


Last but not the least shows up lip make-up and this is usually our stage number 4. The things we want in Step 4 are:

  1. Lip Wash
  2. Lip Balm
  3. Lip Face mask
  4. Lip Special primer
  5. Lip lining
  6. Lipstick
  7. Lip gloss
  8. Soft tissues

The first key of getting individuals supple and plump lips lies in the way we prep each of our lips. Preparing includes the peeling off and water balance of lips. Exfoliation assists remove dry and lifeless skin in fact it is usually this kind of dead skin that makes the lipstick appearance rough and uneven, thus we must take it off before we  apply  virtually any color.

Scrub lips double a week by using a good lip scrub.

Use Lip mask two times a week to hydrate and moisturize the lips.

Apply a good quality lip balm in lips through the help of ring finger.

Once each of our lips will be prepped, we need to wait for a fwe minutes and then apply lip primero. Applying a good lip introduction helps offer good end to our lip stick and helps the lip cosmetic stay meant for long. If you happen to don’t have a primer, you may use your groundwork instead. Additionally, it works good.

Now use a lip boat to collection your lips. For an organic look have to line the lips in accordance to our organic lip range. For larger looking lips you we are able to go overline but we should do it with precision and care. Today fill the lips with all the same lip liner yet do it incredibly lightly.

Apply lipstick or perhaps lip color . Mark your lips with a tissue to remove extra color. Adding a bit of shine in the center of underneath lip causes our lips look chunky.


Finally, always take some time for stage 5 which can be using an environment Spray. This task is very important while setting spray makes each of our makeup stay still and gives a dewy turn to our face.

Written by
Disha More