top 6 tips get rid chipped nails

Make-up is something which helps in bringing up the beauty division of a female. And perfect nail polish is the fact one thing that will help in raising the beauty of the nails. Very well, we all have chipped nails while applying nail polish in the home. But , you are able to still stop that by utilizing some basic tips. Therefore , here we will share a few simple ways for getting rid of damaged nails and get salon-like finished nails.

1. Usually apply nail polish upon clean nails

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This is actually the first and many important suggestion to prevent the nails coming from becoming frail. It is recommended that you should keep the nails spending free from dirt and grime, oil, and creams prior to applying the nail color. And it is important too to ensure that the nails will be dry before you begin applying the first coating of nail polish.

2. Never miss the base layer

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Basics coat is usually something that you must never miss away while applying nail polish. This kind of simple idea not only assists with preventing fragile nails yet also helps to avoid staining of nails. Therefore , opt for a top quality of foundation coat just before applying the nail polish.

3. Apply multiple slim coats

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There are many ladies who apply solid coats of nail polish. Well, allow us to clear you that it is a blunder. Instead, usually apply multiple thin jackets of nail polish which usually helps in avoiding chipping of nails and make them appear clean.

4. Let it dry completely

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Another hint that you should certainly follow to get that salon-like nails at home. Ensure that you wait no less than 2 short minutes before making use of the next coating as it can lead to breaking of nails.

5. Bathe your painted nails in cold water

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An additional tip to stop brittle nails. All you need is always to dip the polished nails in chilly water to dry all of them fast. This technique is also regarded as the best way to dry out the color.

6. Apply a top cover once in a while

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And lastly, in order to avoid your nail polish by chipping, you will need to apply a nail polish coat sometimes, because a best coat provides a protective coating that helps the nail fresh paint from obtaining chipped.

Therefore , these were the few techniques for finding rid of damaged nails.

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Disha More