wheat flour face pack for glowing skin

Will you be planning to go to a party? Or perhaps your good friend has chose to walk straight down in just couple of days? You wish to appear beautiful and best however, you have got very little time to choose the facial. Do not need worry. We will assure you that you can obtain glowing skin if you adhere to some successful simple natural home remedies using the wheat flour. You may get glowing skin without any unwanted effects or price. Read on for more information.

1. Wheat Flour Face Pack intended for Oily Skin

Wheat flour safe and comfortable for the skin. It does not only removes dead skin your skin but likewise absorbs extra oil from the skin. Here are a few important things you’ll be requiring to get wheat flour face load up.

Steps to make?

Consider some milk and steam it within a pan. After that include honey and rose water inside the milk. Put the milk mixed with honey and also rose water to wheat flour. Mix it to create a very solid paste. In that case apply this kind of on the tidy face. Let it dry. Then simply rinse this with the warm water. Apply the moisturizer in it after that.

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2. Wheat Flour Face Load up for White Skin

Melanin is principally responsible for leading to pigmentation of skin. We intend to suggest you a simple treatment to remove the dark places on your skin and also choose a skin glow just like a gemstone.


2 to 3 teaspoon milk cream

1 to 2 teaspoon wheat flour

How to Make?

Take a few fresh milk cream within a clean dish and then then add wheat flour. Then mix these making use of the fingers to create a very heavy paste. Right now, apply it around the face and permit it to dry. Clean it once this face pack dries off. Continue doing this daily to obtain the magical outcomes.

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3. Wheat Flour Face Pack meant for Irritated Skin

In case your skin has sunburn or perhaps inflammation, the wheat flour is an excellent fix for it also. This is what you almost all need to help to make face bunch.


1 cup of water

4 teaspoon of fresh rose petals

Orange peels

2 to 3 teaspoon milk

2 tea spoons rose water

2 tablespoon organic honey

4 tea spoons wheat flour


Steam the water and then switch off heat. Consist of some rose petals along with orange peels and place a lid more than pan. Have some fresh milk in a pan and heat that. Then increase honey and pour the water with all the rose padding and the orange peels in to the milk. Therefore keep the water for the last rinse. Take those wheat flour in this and then make a very dense paste. Today, apply it within the face. Wash it following about 20 minutes. Finally, apply the hydrating moisturiser.

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4. Wheat Flour Face Pack designed for Removing Suntan

Wheat flour may do miracles to improve tone of the skin. It removes dead skin and in addition brings the brand new skin cells. Then put together this face mask as recommended below to have instant glow on the face.


4 teaspoon of wheat flour

One cup water

How to Make?

This face pack is easy of all the face masks to prepare. Mix wheat flour and fresh water in a bowl to get ready a solid paste. Afterward apply it in your clear skin and allow that dry for approximately 10 minutes. Consequently wet this with heated water after which start removing dead skin the skin gently. Rinse it with cold water.

Written by
Disha More